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Can you access Toxic Drums on TalkTalk?

If you are browsing deviantArt and you are on TalkTalk it seems that you will not be able to look at my web site  This is a weird phenomenon.  It has nothing to do with deviantArt it's just that this journal entry is on deviantArt so that's where you are now and TalkTalk customers seem to be able to access deviantArt.  But over the past few months I have had a number of people report to me that they cannot access Toxic Drums on TalkTalk.  So here is my request to you.  If you are a TalkTalk customer would you please just see if you can access  This is not a scam or a phishing exercise and you are welcome to type the address in yourself but I would really appreciate it if you could post me a reply saying that you are on TalkTalk (or what ISP you use e.g. bt, sky, orange, virgin etc.) and if you can access the site or if you get 404 error (which is what you get if a web site is simply not there).  This will help my research because I really would like to get TalkTalk to sort this out and they are not the easiest people to talktalk to.

If I offered a free version of Senlab Labelling Software from Sente Limited would that entice more people to answer this question?
Those deviations, that as I write, are on the top of my profile page, called Plastic Wickerwork Mantra,  Stained Glass Mantra, Plastic Blue Mandala and Electric Blue Mandala need viewing enlarged.  Much as they look a bit interesting at a distance (or small scale) their real beauty is in the intricate convoluted and geometrically mind boggling detail.

And does anyone know if anyone makes any money on deviantArt?
That's what wasps have got.  A sting in the tail.  And that's what one gave me today.  Not a llama, or a cake, or some points but a sting in my arm from its flippin' rear end.  Ugh! How disgusting.  And Ouch! how painful.  I only tried to kill the little blighter and it must have fallen stunned onto my desk.  I didn't see it there and went to type something resting my arm on the desk.  Oh boy did it hurt!  But I have to admit that it's actually a pleasure to get some motivation and a little of the dregs of adrenalin rushing round my body.  You know you are in a sorry state when the most exciting thing that happens to you is to get stung by a wasp.
That is a quote from Roger Water's "Amused To Death" album.  So I went to the doctor and the doctor said there is nothing wrong with me.  That is not what the teachers or my parents have been telling me all of my life.
Title? Relevance? Why?

Well I have uploaded a few old bits of work and the Ladybird gif is very old.  It feels like a million years since I struggled bit by bit (literally) to create this little fella.  It seems about time that s/he gets a few days of glory.  Are Ladybirds male or female?

I have also uploaded a few 3D images.  Prompted by the reorganisation of the #The3DArtistClub.  They have created a new folder system and deleted everything!  Normally they only allow one upload per deviant per day but they have extended that to 5 for a week to allow folk to resubmit their stuff.  Nothing quite like a new broom eh?

So up has gone Toxic Drums close up render, Zyra Motel, Eat Your Heart Out and a re-submission of the good old TOXIC DRUMS Revolving.  Now we have to wait and see if the #The3DArtistClub will accept them.  They are strict buggers up there in their ivory tower.

And since this is a journal: Today I bought and installed a toilet seat for my grossly overweight mother (she broke the last one!).
Well it's another day and the pain goes on.  This isn't a blog!  What am I doing?  I really should have learnt to play those drums.  I am destitute now and I want money for nothin' but that ain't gonna happen.  So I have a better idea.  I can make relatively simple 3D rotating logos for your company or the proverbial woteva.  And you'll get it almost for free.  Send me the logo and I'll give you an idea of what you'll get and a price (negotiable).  If you like it we're in business.  Can do small animated avatars too!

What was that?  How to contact me?  Well that's simple.  Either go to my profile and follow the link to the Toxic Drums web site and click on the "Contact" at the top or send me a message/comment via DeviantArt. I'm ~SamSpruce.

But for today I have uploaded the controversial "Eat your heart out" dancing drum.
Whew! There. - Just got the Mosaic Mandala pair finished and uploaded.  Still working on the Toxic Drums pages cos Zazzle is a wanky site and screws up.  I don't want to upload TD pages until they link to Zazzle.  Oh the practical hassle of it all.  I'll be able to get back to the creative bit soon.

And it's still not my birthday any more :(
According to DeviantArt it is 9:01 pm on the evening of my birthday but here it is 5:01 am on the 6 October 2011.

I am up in the wee hours developing the Toxic Drums web page to display and describe the new work called Mosaic Mandala.  It comes in two colours, pink and blue and has nothing to do with babies or twins.  It/they should be up on DA in the next 24 to 48 hours and I still hold out hope that some day someone will purchase a print of one of my works.  I know it is only day 2 of my joining DA but I am an impatient individual.  If someone does purchase any work soon I think I will upgrade to Premium Membership in the belief that it is possible to make a living on this site.

Is it possible to make a living on this web site?  I guess I will just have to wait and find out.
There is a romantic image of the suffering artist in the garret.  There seem to be many folk on Deviant Art who feel themselves to fit that description metaphorically if not emotionally but I wonder how many fit it literally.

I, however, am a suffering artist living in a garret.  I guess you have to be careful what you wish for.  I live with another suffering artist in a garret too.  So that's two of us.  Life is genuinely crap but we live in hope because there is literally nothing else to hang on to.  But the hope is cracked, thin, fading, and a bit fusty round the edges.

But it's my birthday so I have decided to take as many pain killers as I want and damn the consequences.